The Jervis by Intracorp


West End Walks
Introducing the new to the old, we invited media and bloggers to learn the history behind the West End. An interactive walk around the West End with historians highlighted the history and architecture in the area. Arming them with instant film cameras, media had the opportunity to share the walk through their own eyes.

Chinese Media Luncheon with Nancy Bendtsen
An intimate luncheon was organized with Nancy Bendtsen of Inform Interiors and David Jacobson of Intracorp to discuss future plans for the West End and the design work incorporated into the Jervis project.

The Results:

With over 40 influencers, media and bloggers in attendance to the West End Walks, there were over 100,000 impressions on Instagram.

With top Chinese media present at the luncheon, the event was covered heavily through local Chinese media channels such as Sing Tao Daily, Phoenix TV, Dawa and Rise Weekly.