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5 Questions with Josh Rimer, Youtube Personality and Host of “The Sassy Scoop” on OUTtv

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joshrimer-2015_0Josh Rimer is a well known YouTube, TV personality and social media influencer,  living in Vancouver. Josh’s Youtube channel has a loyal following and features humourous takes on the latest viral videos, news+events, his travel adventures and top ten lists. Joshalso hosts “The Sassy Scoop” on OUTtv, Canada’s national LGBT network. Vancouver’s LGBT community is a thriving, visible part of the city’s urban culture, boasting the largest population in Western Canada.We asked Josh about his thoughts on Youtube, his goals for the future and the best way for PR pros to pitch him ideas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions with us Josh!

1. You’ve recently celebrated 8 years living in Vancouver. Anything in particular that stands out about Vancouver’s social media scene?
I’ve actually made most of my close friends here through social media.  Twitter in particular has been great for meeting new people and finding ones who share similar interests.  And then Facebook has been a good next step for getting to know others better and sharing cool things to do around Vancouver together!

2. On a platform that sees growth daily (or sometimes not!) , how do you keep your viewership growing and engaged?
I put a lot of time into replying to any type of interaction that I get from my viewers.  Whether it’s a comment, a tweet, or a private message, I try to always write something back or at least like/favourite what they’ve written.  I think that really helps to keep my existing audience engaged and for new people to see that I do actually pay attention to what they say!

3. What is one goal that you have for your online presence over the next year?
I want to focus on getting more engagement from my current following.  I have a good amount of subscribers on YouTube, so I’d like to focus on building the relationship I have with those viewers, across all the platforms that they’re on, so that they want to keep coming back and watching more!

4. What advice do you have for those starting their own Youtube channel? What other Youtube channels do you recommend subscribing to?
I’d say to keep it simple and focus on doing the type of content you’d enjoy creating on a regular basis.  Consistence really is key on YouTube, as well as being real/authentic, so just be you and do what you’re passionate about.  Those who share your passion will watch along with you – and search for channels that are making content similar to the type of content you want to make so you can learn from how they’re doing it!

5. Any tips for PR pros who are pitching you ideas? We don’t want to be a pain in the butt. We want to provide you with quality content!
I think it’s just about finding something that’s the right fit for my audience and content.  For me, that typically means doing a comedic video that appeals to LGBT viewers so as long as it’s something that seems like it would work within that, then I’m always happy to explore the opportunities![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]