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My Stories

I love stories. Since childhood, reading and hearing other people’s stories has been one of my greatest pleasures.

I turned this into a career by studying journalism and working in PR, where for the past two decades I have helped clients to tell their stories and build a voice in cluttered media and digital landscapes. 

There are so many untold stories and voices across Vancouver that we don’t get to hear. On this page, my goal is to give voice to some of these stories— to bring connection through understanding where someone is from and what their journey has been like. It is a privilege to hear someone’s story and I hope that you enjoy reading about the diverse Vancouver residents that make up our community.  

David Higgins
My Stories

David Higgins – Whole Way House

While passing through Vancouver’s downtown eastside, it is easy to feel shocked and saddened by seeing those who seem to have lost their way. From long lineups at meal kitchens to those openly sick with drug addiction, there are so many men and women living in pain, without much to call their own.

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