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Rachel Thexton Connects Season 2

Season 02×04

A Good Martial Artist is Never Looking for a Fight”- The Focus and Discipline that’s a part of Siddhartha Bhat’s Story.

Master Martial Artist, and Team Canada Taekwondo Veteran, Siddhartha Bhat tells his story of starting the practice as a child, spending the first months of training in the corner for poor behaviour, and soon realizing his passion for fighting and at one point claiming a spot amongst the top #10 in the world. From physical discipline to mental focus, we discuss his reasons for stopping competition, how taekwondo can help with mental health and self protection, and even how he can walk around the city with his amazing cat relaxing on his shoulder. This unique episode inspired me to move and make some changes.

Mark Haden has been working with those who have mental health and substance use challenges for years. Now a UBC Professor, researcher and Clinical Supervisor at Qi Integrated Health, Mark Haden talks to me about using ketamine to help those with depression and PTSD, while emphasizing the benefits of psychedelic drugs in healing. Mark recommends taking a wise approach to drugs while minimizing the harms of drugs and maximizing their benefits. We discuss his path of coming to terms with the fact that there has not been effective treatment in mainstream medicine for those with depression, question the effectiveness of anti depression drugs, and discuss alcohol dependency and trials he is working on that could change the way it is treated. This conversation presents evidence-based treatments that could turn the mental health and addiction treatment field on its head. Maybe that’s what we need?

Mo Amir- Host and Creator of This Is VANCOLOUR.

Mo Amir is the creator and host of This is VANCOLOUR, originally solely a podcast, and now also a culture and politics TV talk show on CHEK. Mo is on the other side of the discussion here as he shares more about himself, his journey to talk television, his approach to interviews, and even some behind the scenes stories that will surprise you. We discuss the local digital space, podcasting, interviewing styles, and some of his guest experiences. Enjoy!

Discussion with BC’s Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe– Speaking with Lisa Lapointe was not only a pleasure, as she is helpful and kind, but also incredibly informative. Our Chief Coroner shares details on what she and her team do, what they have observed regarding deaths in British Columbia, as well as thoughts and advice for the province on preventing future deaths, especially those related to drug toxicity.  This is a conversation that I will never forget, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share it with you all.