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Case Study: Rachel Thexton organizes sustainability event as new ULI BC Communications Chair

As the new Communications Chair for ULI BC, Rachel Thexton sourced four local sustainability thought-leaders to participate in a virtual Zoom discussion on The Future of Sustainable Building: Mass Timber’s Role, Rising Costs, and Meeting Provincial Code.

After working with ULI BC to produce the structure and event theme, Rachel worked with each speaker to finalize their speaking topic, then moderated a discussion on these sustainability issues. The event attracted a variety of guests, totaling 65+ registrants, higher than most ULI BC Zoom events. Discussion included questions from the guests for speakers who included Cape Group President Zack Ross, BCollective President Chris Hill, Glacier Media Journalist Stefan Labbe, and Canadian Wood Council’s National Sustainability Manager Peter Moonen.

The event brought a variety of fascinating topics to the forefront and was also the focus of a Western Investor media piece by real estate writer Peter Mitham.

Live screenshot of zoom panel and moderator