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Learn More About Urban Land Institute BC

Are you familiar with Urban Land Institute BC?

I joined the organization as Communications Chair in late 2022. I have enjoyed working on developing concepts for, and executing, various panel events on local municipal issues, as well as supporting the nonprofit organization with a successful net zero grant application and helping to generate positive media profile to build awareness for ULI’s BC chapter.

ULI is a global organization with a strong BC chapter, dedicated to tackling urban challenges and advancing the Institute’s mission of shaping the future of the built environment for transformative impact in communities. 

Members include a variety of professionals, all passionate about municipal issues, including architects, entrepreneurs, developers, and more. Members enjoy virtual and in-person events, specialized research and knowledge sharing with the global network, diverse programming, networking, unbiased content, and much more.

In addition to my communications work, I have enjoyed the knowledge I have gathered from events and other professionals I have connected with. I have had the opportunity to meet such a talented variety of ambitious local members.

Here is a link to the ULI BC 2023 annual report where you can learn more!